Foster a climate in CPASS that values diversity and inclusion

Objective 1

Maintain an inclusive and accessible work and learning environment

Action Items

    • Document compliance of ADA requirements of all CPASS physical/building spaces
    • Adhere to and promote existing WVU policies and procedures related to diversity, equity and inclusion across all levels of CPASS

Objective 2

Increase recruiting and retention efforts of CPASS personnel and students who are representative of the global community

Action Items

    • Conduct an audit of current students of disadvantaged/underrepresented groups perceptions of major, how they were recruited, suggestions for CPASS improvement
    • Develop a marketing and recruitment plan sensitive and attractive to the global community (i.e. Spanish language version of marketing materials, international fairs, maintain website resources for international students, etc.)
    • Develop procedures for inviting and hosting visiting professionals and exchange students
    • Target financial support for the creation of scholarships, fellowships, etc., for under-represented groups
    • Work with LLC to develop a system of student support and mentoring
    • Identify Community Colleges where articulation agreements could be created
        • Establish at least one new articulation agreement a year
        • Current/possible – Northern VA CC, Columbus State CC, Garrett, New River Valley in S. Beckley, College of Southern Maryland

Objective 3

Maintain participation in diversity, inclusion, and equity-related programming for faculty, staff and students.

Action Items

    • Identify and expand CPASS opportunities for outreach, engagement, and/or experiential learning in diverse populations (e.g., SES, geography, race, etc.)
    • Embed diversity and inclusion broadly across instructional programs and curricula
    • Connect to existing University-wide diversity efforts, programs, and initiatives