Excel in research, creative activity, and innovation contributing to the understanding of physical activity and sport sciences.

Objective 1

CPASS tenure-track and tenured faculty will increase the number of peer—reviewed journal publications, book chapters, and books in national and international outlets to an average of 4 publications per year (Increase by .5 per year starting from baseline of 2.0).

Action Items

    • Use of variable faculty workload plans to reflect faculty interest and expertise
    • Strategic use of Teaching Assistant Professor, Clinical, and Tenure-track faculty lines to support mission of college
    • Increased emphasis of collaborative team science, including both internal (cross-departmental; cross-programs) and external (cross-colleges and schools; cross-institutional) collaborations
    • Reduction in tenure-track and tenured service and advising loads Creative use of resources and programming to foster scholarly productivity and collaborations (i.e. researcher speed-dating; shark-tanks, writing war-rooms, concept proposals, etc.)
    • Continue to support scholarly presentation as another means of dissemination of knowledge

Objective 2

CPASS faculty will increase the number of external grants and/or contracts submitted by 20% and funded by 10%.

Action Items

    • Establish a CPASS Office of Research and Innovation
    • Increase number of funded grants that include indirect costs
    • Shift grants/contracts officer position from 1/3 time to full-time status in order to provide greater grant submission and post-award management support
    • Provide increased research time, incentives and rewards for faculty to submit grants and contract proposals (i.e. internal sabbaticals; summer grant writing incentives, etc.)
    • Create and hire a post-doctoral research methodologist position to assist with research design, statistical analysis, and grant writing
    • Facilitate collaborations with established investigators internal and external to WVU

Objective 3

CPASS graduate students will increase the number of first authored publication submissions by 35% and published work by 25%.

Action Items

    • Emphasize program specific research expectations during graduate student recruitment, specifically reflected in recruiting materials and admission letters
    • Investigate the possibility of partial-reduction in Graduate Assistant responsibilities during the dissertation phase of program
    • Write support for graduate research assistants into grant/contract submissions
    • Create a graduate student research tracking and monitoring system
    • Establish targeted recruitment of doctoral students with thesis/research backgrounds
    • Review the structure of graduate education to better position students to increase research productivity

Objective 4

Foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and increase external funding and scholarship through the establishment of three college or university centers.

Action Items

    • Develop, approve and implement a Center on Coaching Science
    • Develop, approve and implement a Center on Sport Ethics
    • Conceptualize, approve and implement a research center with a multi-disciplinary focus

Objective 5

Increase visibility of CPASS research and scholarship by identifying and implementing three strategies per year

Action Items

    • All tenured and tenure-track faculty will promote research visibility through use of digital data dissemination methods (e.g., Google Scholar; Research Gate profiles)
    • CPASS will increase the number of faculty with designations as organizational Fellows through a strategic process of identification and nomination
    • CPASS will develop a research section of the college website and will promote research using a bi-monthly news release
    • CPASS will install research display monitors within the college
    • CPASS will identify areas suitable for hanging monthly spotlight research posters
    • CPASS will get recommendations from experts in library sciences on how to effectively disseminate research using multiple platforms
    • Improve upon the integration of faculty research into CPASS strategic communication plan (e.g., social media posts regarding faculty/graduate student publications on a continual basis)
    • Promote integration of faculty research into the undergraduate and graduate classrooms throughout CPASS and the WVU community